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Allergy & Free From Show 2018

It was my first year going to the Allergy & Free From Show at Olympia, London.  I had heard so many positive reviews so had high expectations, and I wasn't disappointed!  It is a three day event - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I went on the Saturday this year but in the future I think I may go for multiple days.  Here is my haul from the event...

Products I bought
I bought one of every product that Gato & Co sold.  I had seen them previously in Sainsbury's but had never bought them before so I was exited to be able to try them.  Being as I loved them all, I bought them all!

I had tried The Happy Snack Company's products at the Coeliac UK Reading food show, when I saw them I had to buy more.  They're now available in Sainsbury's so I will be able to get my snacks all the time now!  I bought three packets and they very kindly gave me an extra one for coming back to buy more and answer a few questions about when I choose to eat them.  These have very quickly become one of my favourite (if not my favourite) snacks to have out and about, as well as at home when I am a tad peckish.

When I saw this stand I was very excited!  They had gluten free and vegan creme eggs, toblerone, caramel bars and so many more!  I bought the toblerone and the caramel bar - will be reporting back on my Instagram what I think when I try them.

I've been seeing this brand everywhere on social media at the moment so it was on my list to hunt down and buy a product.  I bought the vanilla sponge mix but am sure I will be buying the other ones in the close future.  It was lovely to meet the owner, and the sample tasted delicious!

A fellow blogger, I've seen many of their products and thought that I had to buy one.  I bought the wristband - it says 'I have coeliac disease - no gluten!'  I think it will be so useful to have when I am going out and about.  I bought the junior one as I found it fits better on a ladies wrist.

I had tried their samosas and bahjis at the Coeliac UK Reading gluten free food show and loved them so of course had to buy some more!  We bought four plain samosas and three bahjis, but they very kindly gifted me these as a thank you for a sharing my love around their products on social media.

I found this company as they followed me on Instagram, so thought I had to go and check out their products as I am a big fan of anything avocado.  We tried all three of their current products and ended up buying the garlic one as it is AMAZING!  The other two were also delicious, we will be buying these when they are available on Ocado soon.

Freee by Doves Farm
We were lucky enough to get a place on the VIP table which was booked up within 2 hours of becoming available.  We met with the founder and his son, and was talked through all of their processes and products.  We even got to try some of their products - a sandwich made from their bread mix, a cake made from their sponge mix and a pastry product made using their flours.  Every person who attended the VIP table was given a bag with Freee branding on, their new buckwheat flour, a sponge mix and the seeded bread mix.  Both myself and my mum was given one as we both attended, we were very very grateful for this - cannot wait to get baking!  Below is also a photo of one of the cooking demos - from Urban Kitchen.

Promise Gluten Free
At the bloggers event, I was kindly gifted these products to try.  I had a lovely chat with Mary who explained the products and gave me a booklet of cooking ideas for the different items - I am planning on giving them all a go.  I had tried the brioche chocolate chip buns and the brioche loaf in the past but the other products aren't available in my local Sainsbury's so I hadn't been able to try these before.  Mary did say that if you don't have these products available in your local Sainsbury's, just speak to your local store and put a request in.  Say that they are available in other stores and they should be able to bring the products in for you.

Genius Gluten Free
Also at the bloggers event, I met the founder of Genius, Lucinda.  She was such a lovely woman and you could tell she was so enthusiastic about her brand.  They were very kind to gift us their new brioche burger buns, a new wrap and a new bake at home baguette which has been selling well in France already.  I'm very excited to be trying these new products from them!

Ilumi are launching new children meals on July 16th in Asda and they will be gluten free and dairy free.  They were doing tastings and I was lucky enough to try a few of the new meals - I was very impressed.  They are tasty, microwaveable, and are such good portion sizes.  Ilumi also had a blogger event on and we were talking to different members of the Ilumi team about the brand.  It was so interesting to hear - although they aren't labelled as a nut free brand and they cannot guarantee no cross contamination on the production line, they aren't allowed nuts in the office or in the building - they're very strict on this.  As a thank you for support, they gifted their noddle pots and a cheese sauce mix - I am very exited to try as I am not sure if I've ever tried their products before.

At the blogger event I also met the lovely people from Freaks of Nature.  They kindly gave me some of their products to try but they're launching these new products very soon!  I tasted them on their stand and they were delicious - I'm going to be hunting these down to try and review for you all!  They also gave us a t-shirt - see a photo below of some of the bloggers wearing it.

Food I ate
For lunch, mum and I shared a portion of fish and chips (we didn't one each as we had so many samples!) and were VERY impressed.  The batter was very crispy and it was perfect - one of the best fish and chips I had ever tasted.  It cost us £5 but they were also giving out per portion, three packets of mixes of our choice.  While we were also queuing they also came and gave us a gravy mix - this was available to everyone.

When I saw that Booja-Booja was going to be there, I had to get some!  I had a scoop of raspberry ripple and a scoop of caramel pecan praline.  Mum had a scoop of hazelnut chocolate truffle and a scoop of caramel pecan praline.  Caramel pecan praline was our favourite but the others were also so delicious.  They had gluten free cones available to but we decided to have a pot just to make it easier to eat.

Leaflets and Vouchers
Here are some of the leaflets of brands that I am planning on buying in the near future.

I wanted to buy one of these at the event but unfortunately was far too full to eat it - I will be placing an order on Ocado for these.

I can't remember if I've tried this brand before but they were AMAZING!  I'm definitley going to be buying some of these.

White Rabbit Pizza Co.
I'm a big fan of these pizzas and of course tried them while I was there as they were giving out free slices.  I'm looking forward to using this voucher, I always try and stock up on their pizzas when they're on offer and the freeze them.

Nora's Brownies
I wanted to buy some of these but unfortunately didn't have any room, am definitley going to be looking into their delivery service.

Whole Creations
I've never actually seen this brand in supermarkets (except from a pizza once) but am finding all of their product range very exciting.  I will be looking into this brand further.

I love the idea of this brand, and although I am not following the low fod map diet, I like the idea of having meals always being available.  Will, one again, be looking into this brand further.

Smooze were giving out samples and I was so impressed when I tried them - these will be added to the shop!

Nature's Nectar
I loved trying their samples - they will soon be launched on their website.  They arrive to your door frozen, and taste delicious.

Send Me Free From
I was lucky enough to be sent a box and was in love with it!  It was so nice to meet the owner and have a chat with the team.

Photos from the Event
Here are some photos of the event - from the blogger meet up and at the Warburtons stand.


Next years dates for the event at the London, Olympia haven't been released yet.  However there are shows in Madrid, Liverpool and Glasgow:
Madrid - 15 to 16 September 2018
Liverpool - 3 to 4 November 2018
Glasgow - 2 to 3 March 2019

I am planning on going again next year!  Hope to see some of you there!

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