Sunday, 24 June 2018

The Seafare Fish and Chips, Cirencester

I found on Facebook The Seafare Fish and Chips in Cirencester and I was so excited to see that they have a gluten free Monday!  Fish and chips nearby is honestly so amazing!  

They do gluten free every Monday 5pm to 8pm but do check their Facebook page before you go as sometimes they have to cancel it - I presume it is because they may be short staffed but I am unsure exactly why.

As you can see below, my mum and I shared a fish and chips as well as a sausage chips.  It was honestly amazing!!

It wasn't oily at all, which I did find was a constant battle with fish and chips before I was diagnosed as a coeliac.  The portions were a great size, you really do get your moneys worth, we couldn't finish ours!  The sausage tasted so nice, I don't know where they get it from but it tasted such good quality which I'm always slightly worried about.

I had salt and vinegar on mine - they even do a gluten free vinegar, which I was very grateful for!

They put a sticker on the gluten free food to make it very clear which is gluten free (you can see in the photo above).  They also put it in a brown paper bag, which is different to the gluten containing ones which are given to you in a white plastic bag.  A separate person was in charge of doing the gluten free food to ensure no accidental cross contamination.

Before I went, I sent them a message asking about cross contamination, and the response was amazing - you can see it below.

They had completed a course on gluten free management as well as studying the Coeliac UK website in depth - this filled me with confidence.  Nothing gluten containing is fried in the gluten free fryer (I have found to be a common mistake with fish and chip shops - gluten is not killed with heat!).  They also have separate utensils and cleaning equipment so their is no chance of cross contamination.

I would highly recommend visiting The Seafare Fish and Chips if you're ever in Cirencester on a Monday.  They are so clued up and have delicious food.  I'll definitely be returning soon.  Have you ever been?  What did you order?