Sunday, 29 October 2017

Delicious Alchemy Chocolate Brownie Mix review

In Coeliac Awareness week I noticed that Delicious Alchemy had free delivery so I took advantage of this and ordered some mixes to try as I've only ever tried their rice porridge previously.  The delivery came quickly and it was well packaged in a small box (which I liked as there was no waste of packaging - thank you for considering the environment).

The mix was super easy to make. You only had to add melted butter and two eggs and mix it all together and then put it in the oven for 20 minutes.  Let it cool and enjoy!  Perfect if you're in a rush or aren't the best baker - you can't go wrong here!

It tastes good, chocolate-y but not overwhelming.  Look at this brownie, it looks yum!!  I loved adding strawberries are warming it through in the microwave to make it go a little squishy - perfect with ice cream!

The brownie tastes good both before freshly baked  and after freezing and defrosting again.  I freeze them making them a perfect snack to take into sixth form or out and about - you just have to plan a little in advance to remember to take it out of the freezer.

Have you tried any of their mixes and what did you think? 

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