Sunday, 10 September 2017

Good Full Stop review

I have tried so many cereal  bars, I love the ease of just having a bar when I'm out and on the go, as well as being able to keep it in my bag so I know there's always food out there for me.

So when I was very kindly sent a box of goodies from Good Full Stop to try and review, I was very excited.  You can find them at Holland & Barrett, Grape Tree stores as well as many independent shops.  They've very kindly given my readers a discount code of GFSBLOG for 50% off your first order, how good is that?!

The first bars I tried was the choc & orange and the double choc.  The choc & orange one tasted delicious, I really liked the strong flavour of orange as it reminds me of a chocolate orange!  It made me thinking I was eating something unhealthy when in reality I was eating something pretty good for me!!
The double choc one I had after the gym, it stopped any hunger I had and definitely refueled me after the exercise.  The chocolate flavour is quite strong but it was perfectly fine for after exercise. 
I gave my Granny the mocha & caffeine as I'm not a caffeine fan, she has reported back saying it was very yummy!  I'm glad she enjoyed it.

The choc & mint one tasted very minty - perfect if you love minty chocolate! It'll make you smell very nice, minty fresh if you'd like!! 
Mixed nuts is perfect if you want a nutty snack bar to fuel you.  If you're a fan of nuts, this is the one for you! I especially like this as nuts provide such good fuel for energy and is a great for after exercise. 

The raspberry was my favourite, it was very subtle but that's my ideal bar! I loved the smell of this one.
Cherry & maple tasted good too, this was also subtle, probably my second favourite! This smelt amazing!

I have to say spicy foods are not my thing at all, so my mum tried them. She said double choc & chili wasn't too strong on the chili and was a nice combination with the chocolate flavour.
Fiery choc and chili was exactly that - fiery!!  It was a little too fiery for my mum but if you're into heat, this is your thing.  Let me know if you can handle the heat!!

Visit their website here, and use the code GFSBLOG for 50% off your first order.  And, don't forget to tag me on Instagram in any posts!!

You can keep up with their social media: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Make sure you keep up with their latest news!

I would just like to thank Good Full Stop for sending me their bars to try.  Although I was sent them, all opinions are my own and I am not being paid in response to this post or any social media posts related.

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