Sunday, 20 August 2017

Gluten free Facebook groups - which ones to join?

I never realised there was such a massive community on Facebook with coeliacs creating groups to help support one another.  I only discovered these groups after I had settled in with the gluten free diet and got used to being a coeliac but I wish I had found them sooner, they would have been really useful in the early days.  So the ones I'm a member of and find super useful are:

Coeliacs in the UK - this group has nearly 17,000 members and is specifically for people in the UK which is very good as you know the knowledge is relevant to this country (if you aren't in the UK, there are similar groups for other countries) 

Gluten Free and Me - this group has nearly 22,000 members so is also very large.  I often find, the larger the group, the more responses you get.  I do find it worthwhile being members of many groups as they all offer something slightly different.

not another boring CD / GF group - this group was originally set up for James to tell everyone his stories about being a coeliac, now it has turned into a group with humour, this group gives humour to bad situations!

GUTs Coeliac UK - this is Coeliac UK's official group for 'Gluten Free Under Thirties'.  It is specifically designed for people 18 to 30 (I'm 17 and find it useful).  It is the perfect place to get people at similar ages, who are probably going through similar struggles advice.

Grub without Gluten (and other matters gluten free) - this is similar to the other groups but the only slight difference is that you have to get your post approved.  They are very quick at approving posts so no issues there!

Coeliacs Eat Out Too - this is purely for your eating out recommendations and questions. I find this very useful as it is only eating out so no need to sieve through various other posts

Coeliacs Eat In Too - this is purely for eating in, similar to the one previously really!

Coeliac Disease for Beginners - you don't have to be a beginner to join this group, if you have been a long term coeliac, you are able to give advice and to help people newly diagnosed.  This is a smaller group of under 1000 members if that is what you like.

There are certain groups for certain areas depending on where you live, these would be useful for finding local places to eat and local recommendations.  There are also weight loss support groups and support groups if you have children.  Honestly, I think there are groups out there for pretty much any coeliac need, just have a quick search and I'm sure you'll find something suitable.