Saturday, 13 May 2017

When your friend has coeliac disease...

I thought it may be useful to do a post this week to help our friends and family who may not fully understand our struggles living with coeliac disease.  So I'm doing a little advice bit on how us coeliacs actually feel!

Sainsbury's Delicously FreeFrom Coffee and Walnut slice - coelaics like cake too!

Before booking to go out to eat, check they do gluten free
Eating out can be very daunting for us coeliacs, it is sadly a Russian Roulette if we're going to be ill afterwards or not.  We often find it very stressful!  By checking for us that the restaurant is gluten free and is suitable for coeliacs, it makes us feel very loved and we really appreciate it.  It's always really awkward when we are made to take a packed lunch because people have booked a place where we are not catered for.

Getting everyone cakes, we want one too!!
Please don't single us out, we don't like it, like I'm sure you wouldn't want to be either.  It is awkward enough already for us and we really do appreciate the small things, like not being forgotten!

Don't be afraid to ask questions about coeliac disease - we love to explain!
If you don't understand something about our ever so confusing coeliac disease, we will be more than happy to explain it you!  We much prefer people asking than people assuming.

If unsure, always ask!
We don't want to be glutened as it doesn't only just get us ill (which is horrible) but causes us internal damage and issues in the long run so if you aren't sure if we can eat something or you are unsure if you have prepared something we can eat, we would much rather you ask and be truthful (don't try and test us and see if we really need to be gluten free - we do.  The damage is internal and gives us long term damage so just because it is not visible, doesn't mean it's not happening)

So basically, please don't exclude us and please don't test us!  We really love being included!  See you tomorrow for another blog post!