Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Sainsbury's free from 1st birthday!

This time last year, Sainsbury's relaunched it's entire free from range and has since launched or redeveloped over 100 products - amazing for us who suffer from coeliac disease, so much choice!  To celebrate their first birthday, Sainsbury's very kindly sent me a birthday brunch hamper to celebrate (thank you Sainsbury's!).

I received:
- Coconut milk, an alternative to dairy milk
- Deliciously FreeFrom porridge oats
- Deliciously FreeFrom chocolate variety - milk, dark and white
- Deliciously FreeFrom walnut and coffee slices
- Deliciously FreeFrom fruity granola slices
- Taste the Difference blackcurrant conserve

I had previously tried some of Sainsbury's free from selection but not loads as there isn't a Sainsbury's really close to me that's convenient to get to so I was very excited to receive such a range of products to try.

The Chocolate
For some reason, I didn't have very high expectations for the chocolate but, boy was I proven wrong!  It is my favourite free from chocolate that I've tried - it tastes normal which I haven't come across before - there is no odd taste!  The bars are perfect size for sharing or to do baking with.  The 'traingles' are a good size and easy to break off into the amount you desire which I have found to be a problem in the past with other makes.

The Fruity Granola Slices
These taste amazing!  Even my non-gluten free brother (who thinks he hates everything gluten free!) loves these, he couldn't resist taking a slice as they come packaged in twos.  The fruit in them really makes this slice as it provides something a little extra taste wise as well as making them look really appealing.  It has a nice level of spice in it too which adds to the flavour.  It is also a lot healthier than just a normal flapjack as it contains sultanas, apricots and sunflower seeds.  These will be bought again in our house, my brother now doesn't want to eat his 'normal' flapjack / granola style snack!

The Oats
I will be using the oats to make a flapjack style bake with some of the chocolate melted on top - keep your eyes peeled for a future blog post!  I really like the sized of the bag with these oats as I have found before, that free from oats can have smaller bags.  There is 450g or 9 servings per bag and on one side it gives cooking instructions if you are wanting to make porridge from it meaning you can't lose it!

The Coconut Milk
Honestly, I wasn't too keen on the idea of this one as I'm not a fan of substitutes for milk but I thought I should try it and I was pleasantly surprised!  I won't be drinking this as a substitute but I will be adding it into my cooking and in future curries as I think it will be a really nice added flavour where I normally just add water!

The Coffee and Walnut Slices
The texture on these were the thing I was most concerned about before trying but it is a good texture for a prepackaged cake and perfect for a snack with a cup of tea (or any non tea drinkers, a glass of milk).  These were also in packs of two so good for on the go.  The coffee isn't really strong, which I preferred as I'm not a massive coffee fan and they're a good size for a quick snack.  I'll be giving these to my Granny as she's a massive fan of coffee cake so she'll really appreciate these.

The Blackcurrant Conserve
This tastes amazing.  The perfect addition to any piece of bread!  This will be added to any future shopping lists for sure!

Once again, thank you very much to Sainsbury's for sending me out a selection of your products and happy free from 1st birthday!

What are your favourite products that you have tried from Sainsbury's?  Mine is the chocolate as I'm so surprised at how good it is compared to others!