Sunday, 21 May 2017

My coeliac handbag essentials

As a coeliac, I find I need to be prepared for many eventualities and the possibility that I may be glutened.  These are my essentials that I always take with me to try and be as prepared as possible, I hope you find it helpful!

My phone!
I always take my phone as I use the Coeliac UK app to check products if I am unsure.  I also can ask for advice in Facebook groups if I find I am stuck somewhere.  I also use it for the camera in case I have new finds, I post these on my Instagram.

My Coeliac UK cards
These cards are so useful.  I pass them over to whoever I am eating with and they fully explain the condition and all about colieac disease as well as giving them advice on training if they would like it.

A snack and water
I always take a snack, you never know when you'll be hungry and can't find any gluten free food available.  Water is always good for you, but in case I get glutened, I carry a bottle as you want to flush the gluten out as soon as possible to try and make yourself feel better quicker.

Tissues and wet wipes
I always carry them to ensure I have clean hands before I eat and just in case I do get glutened, I vomit so I like have something I can clean myself up with.

Hand cream and lip balm
I find, as a coeliac, I get very dry lips and hands so I always like to have something on hand to moisturise.  I think it is partly from washing my hands so often but I have also heard people notice a similar connection, do you want me to do a post on this?

If everything does go badly, and you do get glutened.  Paracetamol is always on hand to numb the pain.  Remember, as coeliacs, we aren't meant to have ibuprofen as it is too harsh on our delicate stomachs!

What do you carry in your bag?  I hope you found my tips useful!