Monday, 8 May 2017

Coeliac UK: why to join

It is the first day of Coeliac awareness week and I thought it would only be appropriate to have a post telling you why you need to join Coeliac UK and all the help they provide us and the resources that are available to us.
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So what is Coleiac UK all about?  They are an independent Charity that have been helping people with Coeliac Disease live a better without gluten.  They provide us (over 60,000 members) with advice and support that we can trust as well as funding vital research.  They also work with health care professionals to improve the diagnosis process and the availability of gluten free food.
In the UK, 1 in 100 people have coeliac disease and Coeliac UK works to improve their experience of health care while ensuring their diet is easy to manage.  They want to see our needs met and recognised.  They do this by providing expert, independent information to ensure we are able to manage our health and diet; campaign for better access for a diagnosis as well as food, both at home and out of home; and researching the nature of the disease and possible cures.

So what does my Coeliac UK membership provide to me? A membership costs £24 a year (£12 concessionary and £30 for a household) and you have access to: the app, both paper and online directory, gluten free life guide, newsletters, helpline support, crossed grain magazine, local support groups, venue guide, recipes, food alerts, support networks and a personalised online scrapbook.  I think that is very reasonable for the amount of support they are giving as well as the benefits to others.

Where can I join?  you can join on the Coeliac UK website here.

Finding gluten free and coeliac life difficult?  Coeliac UK have a Member2Member support programme which may be worth joining, you can join here.  Facebook groups are also very helpful, there are a huge variety you can join, just have a quick research (I'm planning on doing a future post about them, would you be interested?).

Are you unsure if you have coeliac disease and want further advice?  My best advice would be too carry on eating gluten and book in for a blood test with your doctor.  If you cut out gluten before the test, it will inaccurate as you have to be eating gluten for any reaction to show.  Coeliac UK have advice here of what is coeliac disease exactly and they also have an online assessment here which may be worth taking also.

Are you already a member of Coeliac UK, or will you be joining soon?  See you again tomorrow!