Sunday, 23 April 2017

Wheat Free Bakery review


Wheat Free Bakery is an online bakery where you place an order and you can get it delivered to your home.  They do a variety of products, I especially love their bread.  I don’t actually buy any other bread!!
They're a small business, and I'm sure you are like me and loves to support small businesses.  They have recentlyy had a website revamp and I'm loving the new look and the easy navigation.

 This was my latest order, very large I know!  I like to buy in bulk and then freeze loads, it helps to bring the shipping cost down.  It was also during one of their offer weeks, buy one get one free on thier rolls so of course I had to go a little over board!

My favourite products have to be the tiger bread rolls, pancake mix, sponge mix and the chocolate chip muffins (purely because I use them the most frequently).  I also love their cakes and biscuits as a treat.  I've recentley bought some pastry to try and a roll mix to try, I will report back on those (check my instagram for future reviews).  Below is my sandwhich made using their tiger bread rolls, that I always have when I'm at sixth form.  So good!!

Have you ever ordered from them?  If so what did you buy and what was your favourite? I always love trying new things so I might have some new discoveries from their website!