Sunday, 30 April 2017

My experience donating blood

So Tuesday this week, I donated blood for the first time.  Having coeliac disease did not stop me from donating, as long as I felt well on the day, I was able to donate!  Just because you might have an illness, still check out their website to see if you are allowed to donate.  I was the nurses first 2000 baby to ever donate, have you ever donated?

I donated because if I needed to be given blood because if I had an accident, I would expect to be given the blood that I needed.  If nobody gave blood, where would the blood come from?!  I've also had family members need blood in the past so by me donating, it could help my family members again in the future.

The big question.  Did it hurt?!


I thought it would be quite sore, but oh my I was wrong.  I've had many blood tests in the past but I thought it would be very different.  It is not at all.  It is just like a blood test!  You get your finger pricked to see if you have enough iron levels in your blood, which is just like a needle prick.  Then you get the needle inserted into your arm, this just feels like a blood test and the nurses are very good at it as they do it all the time.
So I'm writing this the next day, and today my arm is a little sore and a little bruised but nothing that stops you from doing anything and nothing different from what I get after a blood test.
It can't be that bad as I have booked in for the next time they're in my town to give blood again!

After donating, you get biscuits and a drink, they have Mrs Crimbles biscuits available as well as seabrook crisps so something for us too!

I hope you will start donating, as it is such a good cause.  To find out more information, visit their website here and get your date to donate.