Sunday, 16 April 2017

Gluten free at Stackpole National Trust Learning Centre

Several weeks ago, I went to the Stackpole National Trust Learning Centre for a school trip.  I was very concerned about my food arrangements and eating there as cross contamination would be rife. 
On the first night, I was glutened.  They had cooked my gluten free meal on the same tray as other sausages.  At the time, I didn’t realise as I wouldn’t have eaten it!  I was vomiting and it wasn’t very well.  My teacher spoke to the chef and reiterated to them how severe coeliac disease is and all about cross contamination. 
The next morning, the chef had bought me a gluten free toaster and bread, however, he bought me oat flour bread which I had clearly specified I couldn’t have.  But at least it is progress!

I was never really ill again but I could tell I had been glutened, only mildly, but still glutened.  If you do go, I would recommend that you take your own food and microwave it as they don’t fully understand it.  My teacher had told me though that the chef we had wasn’t the usual ones so maybe this could have changed my experience?  The meals were good and every pudding was gluten free so we all ate the same which was nice.  I also had really good lunches, I was given 2 sandwiches every day - I think the bread may have been from Wheat Free Bakery?

 Have you ever eaten at the learning centre?  Would love to hear your experiences!