Sunday, 9 April 2017

Andrew Butler butchers

I have found a butchers that does gluten free food and there is no cross contamination!  It is a miracle!!  Andrew Butler butchers is located in Fairford, Gloucestershire town centre
I place my meat order a little in advance to ensure I give time to allow for preparation as he makes my meat first thing in the morning to ensure no cross contamination (make sure you say you are coeliac).  His meat is also exceptional quality and is all very local.  I have tried other butchers from the area and they just didn't understand the cross contamination issue.

 This was my order form the other week, he individually packages everything and puts it in a box so it's easy to carry, he even carries it out to the car for us!  He has such a great variety of local meat that is really good quality.  I like to know that my meat is local and the butcher knows where it has come from. 

 Here are examples of his meat being used in my dinners.  Both the roast potatoes and the jacket potato is from and the gravy is from

If you ever go in, please let me know!  What are your experiences from using butchers?