Sunday, 30 April 2017

My experience donating blood

So Tuesday this week, I donated blood for the first time.  Having coeliac disease did not stop me from donating, as long as I felt well on the day, I was able to donate!  Just because you might have an illness, still check out their website to see if you are allowed to donate.  I was the nurses first 2000 baby to ever donate, have you ever donated?

I donated because if I needed to be given blood because if I had an accident, I would expect to be given the blood that I needed.  If nobody gave blood, where would the blood come from?!  I've also had family members need blood in the past so by me donating, it could help my family members again in the future.

The big question.  Did it hurt?!


I thought it would be quite sore, but oh my I was wrong.  I've had many blood tests in the past but I thought it would be very different.  It is not at all.  It is just like a blood test!  You get your finger pricked to see if you have enough iron levels in your blood, which is just like a needle prick.  Then you get the needle inserted into your arm, this just feels like a blood test and the nurses are very good at it as they do it all the time.
So I'm writing this the next day, and today my arm is a little sore and a little bruised but nothing that stops you from doing anything and nothing different from what I get after a blood test.
It can't be that bad as I have booked in for the next time they're in my town to give blood again!

After donating, you get biscuits and a drink, they have Mrs Crimbles biscuits available as well as seabrook crisps so something for us too!

I hope you will start donating, as it is such a good cause.  To find out more information, visit their website here and get your date to donate.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Wheat Free Bakery review


Wheat Free Bakery is an online bakery where you place an order and you can get it delivered to your home.  They do a variety of products, I especially love their bread.  I don’t actually buy any other bread!!
They're a small business, and I'm sure you are like me and loves to support small businesses.  They have recentlyy had a website revamp and I'm loving the new look and the easy navigation.

 This was my latest order, very large I know!  I like to buy in bulk and then freeze loads, it helps to bring the shipping cost down.  It was also during one of their offer weeks, buy one get one free on thier rolls so of course I had to go a little over board!

My favourite products have to be the tiger bread rolls, pancake mix, sponge mix and the chocolate chip muffins (purely because I use them the most frequently).  I also love their cakes and biscuits as a treat.  I've recentley bought some pastry to try and a roll mix to try, I will report back on those (check my instagram for future reviews).  Below is my sandwhich made using their tiger bread rolls, that I always have when I'm at sixth form.  So good!!

Have you ever ordered from them?  If so what did you buy and what was your favourite? I always love trying new things so I might have some new discoveries from their website!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Gluten free at Stackpole National Trust Learning Centre

Several weeks ago, I went to the Stackpole National Trust Learning Centre for a school trip.  I was very concerned about my food arrangements and eating there as cross contamination would be rife. 
On the first night, I was glutened.  They had cooked my gluten free meal on the same tray as other sausages.  At the time, I didn’t realise as I wouldn’t have eaten it!  I was vomiting and it wasn’t very well.  My teacher spoke to the chef and reiterated to them how severe coeliac disease is and all about cross contamination. 
The next morning, the chef had bought me a gluten free toaster and bread, however, he bought me oat flour bread which I had clearly specified I couldn’t have.  But at least it is progress!

I was never really ill again but I could tell I had been glutened, only mildly, but still glutened.  If you do go, I would recommend that you take your own food and microwave it as they don’t fully understand it.  My teacher had told me though that the chef we had wasn’t the usual ones so maybe this could have changed my experience?  The meals were good and every pudding was gluten free so we all ate the same which was nice.  I also had really good lunches, I was given 2 sandwiches every day - I think the bread may have been from Wheat Free Bakery?

 Have you ever eaten at the learning centre?  Would love to hear your experiences!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Andrew Butler butchers

I have found a butchers that does gluten free food and there is no cross contamination!  It is a miracle!!  Andrew Butler butchers is located in Fairford, Gloucestershire town centre
I place my meat order a little in advance to ensure I give time to allow for preparation as he makes my meat first thing in the morning to ensure no cross contamination (make sure you say you are coeliac).  His meat is also exceptional quality and is all very local.  I have tried other butchers from the area and they just didn't understand the cross contamination issue.

 This was my order form the other week, he individually packages everything and puts it in a box so it's easy to carry, he even carries it out to the car for us!  He has such a great variety of local meat that is really good quality.  I like to know that my meat is local and the butcher knows where it has come from. 

 Here are examples of his meat being used in my dinners.  Both the roast potatoes and the jacket potato is from and the gravy is from

If you ever go in, please let me know!  What are your experiences from using butchers?

Sunday, 2 April 2017

My March favourites

My March favourites are nearly all food except from one Youtube favourite!  This past month has been busy and I've had the flu so easy food has been a priority.  Being as I've been off ill I've also had lots of sofa days.

 My first favourite is Tims Dairy raspberry yogurt!  I love it so much.  I have it as a healthy snack (I wanted to do Lent and give up all chocolates, sweets, biscuits, crisps etc.  but it didn't go exactly to plan - the brownies were running out of date and were just calling to be eaten!) in between meals and before I go riding and to pilates as I like to have food in my stomach beforehand.  We buy our yogurt from Ocado and my mum's fav is the Black Cherry pots and she has it along with cereal everyday for breakfast.  I would highly recommend
getting your hands on some to try, sometimes over on their instagram they have giveaways of their yogurts - give them a follow @timsdairyyogurt  As you can see, my cat Lola loves the look of my yogurt too!!  Here is the link to where their products are stocked

I have also been loving Marks and Spencer's rice porridge for breakfast.  I have been having it every day before sixth form and I find it so filling.  I mix frozen raspberries in before microwaving to give it a taste within it.  I add Lyle's golden syrup to give it a bit of sweetness and I topped with fresh raspberries, purely because it looks a bit fancy!!  I have struggled to find breakfast meals in the past and this is so easy to make.  I prepare it the night before and pop it in the microwave and it's done!  Sometimes I change it up by putting mixed berries instead of just raspberries but raspberries are my fav!

As I previously said I had the flu, I also lost my voice (my absolute worst nightmare!!) and this drink brought my voice back!  It is quite strong but I've read how ginger has digestion benefits as well which I always think is good, especially with having coeliac disease.  I have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner - I have a full blown obsession!  I found it Waitrose but you can also get it from Ocado.  Find it on their website here:

Oh wow.  These hot cross buns are dreamy.  I bought them from Waitrose and have been buying them in bulk and stocking up my freezer!  They are slightly smaller than other hot cross buns I have previously tried but they are sweeter and I find them the ideal size.  I have them for breakfast at the weekend as a small treat but I also have them for snacks as I find them quite filling.  They freeze perfectly and at the moment I'm having at least one daily - on some occasions, I have two!!  Here they are in Waitrose:

My final March favourite is Katie Snooks' vlogs.  I have only recently discovered her vlog channel so I have been binge watching them all when I have been having my ill sofa days.  I find her so relatable and real.  I love watching her decluttering vlogs as well, I have got so into decluttering at the moment - nothing is safe in my house!  I would highly recommend checking her channel out

That's my March favourites all done, let me know what your favourites have been this month, I would love to check them out.  Hope you are all having a good weekend so far, see you next Sunday!